locked puk code

my htc thunderbolt says my puk code is locked

HTC Thunderbolt says PUK code is locked, How do I unlock it
doug asked this question 4 years ago
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    you either have to go to Verizon Wireless so they can put the code or something, or you can call Verizon Wireless by calling *611 from another Verizon Wireless phone and choose through all the options the operator gives you until you are able to talk with a technician. You have to tell them what is happening from your phone and tell them that you are not calling (obviously) from your own phone. If they can give you directions through the phone, they will give them to you so you can solve the problem yourself or in any case they will tell you to go to the Verizon Wireless store. And if you are not the owner of the account your cellphone is, you have to have in have the name of the owner and the social security number, sometimes they still ask to talk to the owner anyways.
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    Any authorized user can call into Verizon Wireless and ask for the PUK code. Just remember that if you have locked the PUK code several times, you will need a new 4G SIM card. You can get those from a store or over the phone, whatever is more convenient for you.
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    Instead of dealing with customer service, which we all know can be a pain and very time consuming, you can grab your PUK code from your My verizon online. login to your account on verizonwireless.com and locate your phone number. the model of your phone is colored blue. click on your phone model and it will bring up another page. on the right side of the image of your phone near the bottom, there is a device actions area that says unlock SIM (PUK) now.