How do I get my home page back?

My home page changed away from Comcast. How do I get it back?
Phyllis asked this question 4 years ago
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    The easiest way is to first go to Depending on which browser you use, the next step will vary a little:

    Internet Explorer - go to tools, then choose internet options. On the first screen you come to, you will see settings for your home page. Look for the button marked "use current". Your home page will be changed to Comcast.

    Safari (Mac): Click on Safari in your menu bar and choose Preferences. On the General tab, you will see "Homepage" with the current address. Below that is a button marked "use current page". Click and you're all set.

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    Simply go to the page you wish to have as your homepage, when there, click on tools, then options, then select the option that says "USE CURRENT", then click on OK. This will set that as your homepage.
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    Go to then click on the House icon in Internet Explorer and select use current web page for my home page.