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Need a "Comcastic" guide? The Great Mog_ur will make Comcast issues disappear.
I'm a Comcast Customer service agent in the South Florida region for the last 8 years.. If there'are problems with your service, questions about the best deals and why the Tripleplay packages are such a money saver, or general "what's coming out now" questions... let me know and I'll do what I can to help you.

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  • Why doesn't my On Demand work?


    There is something that can be done. Have the tech on the phone go into their troubleshooting program "Called "GRandslam" Have them Reset the UBD Data THEN send the signal. THen Reboot the box. I've done this COUNTLESS times. and it works...   Read entire answer

  • Why does it take hours for the call center to answer the phone only to get redirected to the wrong department...


    I'm not sure which number you are calling. I work in a call center in Florida, and we have had no problems with incoming calls. The phone number I'd call is 18002662278 or, try 1-561-266-2278. If nothing else... our reps will be...   Read entire answer

  • What south is your 1769 E Holladay Rd store on?


    Hello Lois, go to this website and enter your address. It will give you turn by turn directions to the store If this doeasn't work, let me know   Read entire answer



    All comcast should be digital... but you need equipment to decode the signal. Call customer service and ask to have a digital box sent out. The agent will also be happy to look at the billing on your account and see if there are any promotions you qualify for   Read entire answer

  • i can't get any sound


    Lang is correct on the DTA. On the scientific Atlanta or Cisco boxes. Hit Menu, then Go to Setup Hit Ok, Then Audio Setup. Choose the "select to optimize" button Should be fine.   Read entire answer

  • Where do Iinstall Norton

    Comcast sign in with your Comcast email address and password   Read entire answer

  • I contacted Comcast tonight about being charged monthly for the Xfinity Support service to my...


    There is a special number for xfinity signature supports disconnect or retention department. 877-550-0793 is xfinity signature support. Ask for disconnect info. They should send you to a retention of escalation ageing. In the USA only.   Read entire answer

  • What is the best way to lower my monthly bill now that the promotional period for the "Triple...


    you can always call up and ask and see if there is a lower price available... if not ... look into upgrading to the next triple play plan. Your bill might not change... but you will get more for what you are spending.   Read entire answer

  • How does one get it across to Comcast that they do not wish to receive any mail or e.


    The answer is far more simple... call customer service, ask to be put on the do not mail and do not call lists. This will take approximately 1 month to go into effect. After documenting who you spoke with you should not...   Read entire answer

  • how do I program your remote to my Panisonic tripleplay telivision,?


    First, you will have to connect the box to the Yellow red and white connectors on the back of the box. 2nd: Connect the Red white and Yellow cables to Video 1 input on your tv set 3rd Set the TV to...   Read entire answer