About Directly

a new model for customer care.

Directly delivers instant access to a network of qualified experts, for a personalized customer experience that scales as a company grows.

Customers use the expert crowdservice to get fast, personal help. Experts use it to earn money and build their professional reputation. Companies use it to scale support, deliver more personalized service, and engage broadly and deeply with their customers.

Our performance-based system includes a reputation engine that promotes the best experts, a matching engine that pairs customers with experts based on skill, rating and response time, and push notifications that drive engagement by alerting experts on smartphones, tablets, and web-based apps.

Unique advantages of the expert crowdservice include certified professionals, personalized answers for every question, a performance-based system, push technology and a plug-and-play service approach.

Directly is one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Brilliant 100 Companies for 2013. Investors include True Ventures, CrunchFund, Toba Capital and prominent angels Esther Dyson and Ray Lane. The team is based in Palo Alto, CA.